Vaccination is the most cost-effective and successful way to save children's lives. Vaccinate your child today for reducing disease outbreak.

At City International Hospital, we are using the latest Virtual Reality (VR) technology for pain and anxiety management for vaccines.

Combination vaccines should also be used in order to reduce pain and minimize the number of injections children receive. Combination vaccines represent one solution to the problem of increased numbers of injections during single clinic visits. 

Vaccination basics for infants by 12 months of age

Months of Age Types of Service Basic Package Standard Package

Two (2)

Consultation fee x x
Vaccine fee  x x

Hexaxim (6 in 1)(diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, Hib and hepatitis B)

x x

Rotarix (vaccine against rotavirus diarrhea)

x x

Three (3)

Consultation fee x x
Vaccine fee  x x
Hexaxim (6 in 1) x x
Rotarix x x

Four (4) 

Consultation fee x x
Vaccine fee  x x
Hexaxim (6 in 1) x x
Five (5) Consultation fee   x
Vaccine fee    x
Synflorix (against disease caused by the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae)    x
Six (6) Consultation fee   x
Vaccine fee    x
Synflorix   x
Seven (7) Consultation fee   x
Vaccine fee    x
Synflorix   x
Eight (8) Consultation fee   x
Vaccine fee    x
Vaxigrip (against the strains of flu virus ), 0.25ml   x
Nine (9) Consultation fee   x
Vaccine fee    x
Vaxigrip 0.25ml   x
 Price 8,000,000 14,900,000


How to prepare your child for a vaccination?

  1. Make sure your child is healthy

Come prepared! Take these steps before your child gets a shot to help make the immunization visit less stressful on you both:

  • Does your child get fever in the last 3 days?
  • Does your child weight over 2.5 kg?
  • Is your child sick?

If he/she has fever or weighs less than 2.5 kg, he/she should NOT Get Vaccinated. If your baby is sick then you need to tell the symptoms, talk to your child’s doctor or nurse. They can help to determine which vaccines your child can and cannot get at each visit.

  1. Bring all your child vaccination and immunization records

  2. Track Down Your Child’s current (or over 2 week) medications.

  3. Track Down any vaccines, drugs, and foods that your child is allergic to.


CIH Department of Pediatrics provides the following services in a family-centered approach to care:

  • Neonatal Pediatrics: Prenatal Diagnosis for Congenital Malformations and Genetic Disorders, Pre-discharge screening, Schedule Follow-up Visits and Immunizations to stay on track.
  • General pediatrics: General examination and Vaccination, treatment of common childhood illnesses.
  • Pediatric Specialties: Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Urology, Neurology, Cardiology, Pulmonology.
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine and intensive care: respiratory failure, circulatory failure, neurological resuscitation, ect.
  • Using Healthcare Technology to Support Quality of Treatment: Hemofiltration, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Color Doppler Ultrasound, Bedside Radiography, Electrophysiology, Pediatric Electrocardiography, and Pediatric Physiotherapy.
  • Medical and surgical treatment of congenital health problems in children.
  • Antenatal counselling for fetus congenital malformations, particularly the urinary system and the digestive tract. Parents are instructed what to do.
  • Pediatric surgery: abdominal surgery, Urologic Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, and future thoracic and cardiac surgery .
  • Surgical treatment of intestinal obstruction and disorders atrophy of the vitelline duct, intestinal obstruction, Neonatal bowel obstruction.
  • Surgical treatment of gastrointestinal non-urgent defects, such as Hirsch sprung disease, atrophy of bile duct, bile duct cysts....
  • Consultations and treatments for all diseases and disorders of the urinary tract, child genitalia such as circumcision, inguinal hernia, esophagus, hidden testis, low urinary retention, water retention and other sexual dysfunction in men and women, cases of gender ambiguity.


For appointment or more information about the services provided by Pediatrics Department,  please contact:

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Nurse Station: (8428) 6280 3333, ext. 8164

Patient service: (8428) 6280 3333, ext. 8158 or 8191

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