Promote Children's Resilience, creating a healthy living environment, caregivers of children with disease prevention skills, helping them avoid the COVID-19.

Immature children physically and function organs, including the immune system. This makes children more susceptible to bacterial infections than adults. To keep your baby safe before the Covid-19 epidemic, note the following three factors, as recommended by the doctor:

Resistance from inside the body

Resistance is built through proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise. If resistance is good, your baby will be healthy, effective against disease.

Nutrition: It is necessary to apply the diet based on age, as recommended by the National Institute of Nutrition, to ensure adequate, correct quality, quantity and frequency of meals. Each meal has 4 basic groups of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins - minerals. In addition, milk and milk products are also a source of energy, nutrition and a variety of vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed and preferred by children.

The beneficial bacteria duo - digestive fiber is also needed, supporting metabolism, nutrient absorption, strengthening intestinal immune system through ecological balance and synergistic effects. Fiber is a favorite food for probiotics, beneficial bacteria help fiber fermentation, metabolism, reabsorption ... The consequence of this synergies is a balanced intestinal microflora. Healthy and strong immune system.

Children also need to drink enough water every day, to stay healthy, energetic and always happy. The simple rule is not to let children thirsty, let them drink regularly. If too young, should give your child a sip and should not force children.

Parents should encourage children to drink plenty of water every day to detoxify and enhance resistance.

Sleep: Sleep not only helps to increase resistance but also helps growth. Depending on the age, sleeping time of each day varies, the smaller the baby, the more sleep. However, at any age, babies need sleep, deep sleep and sleep long enough (8-12 hours). From 22:00 the night before to 3am the next morning is considered a golden time for sleep, it is necessary to make sure your baby sleeps deeply during this time, to be able to increase resistance and maximize growth.

Exercise: Exercise regularly to keep bones strong, crystal body, mind more comfortable. During the period when your child does not go to school and is restricted from going out like now, he should pay attention to the children to participate in useful activities in the house such as reading, playing furniture, singing and dancing, exercising, doing chores. .. so your baby will always be busy and not be bored by boredom.

Vaccinations: Children need full and timely vaccinations under the expanded national immunization program, helping the baby's immune system be able to prevent these diseases. nCoV often destroys bodies that already have other underlying disease.

Clean living environment

Children 's houses, rooms, playgrounds must be airy and cleaned, disinfecting contact surfaces periodically. The temperature of the environment where children play and study is not too low, so it should be kept at about 27 degrees Celsius.

Baby toys, supplies and tools that are handled and handled daily as well as clothing, shoes and shoes must be washed with soap and dried in the sun.

Babies also need proper body hygiene: shower once a day with clean water that is compatible with body temperature and environment. Oral hygiene, gargling with specialized solution before, after sleep and after meals.

Instruct your baby to wash their hands often with soap to prevent pathogens.

Limit children to crowded places and never keep children in close contact with people at risk of infection, with symptoms of coughing, sneezing, runny nose, or returning from an infected area, even if It is a close family member. When you have to go to a crowded place, need to wear a mask for children properly and keep a safe distance as possible.

People taking care of and raising children

Child care providers need to know how to prevent epidemics to protect the health of children and those around them.

For children to be cared for carefully from the inside to the outside, from the physical to the mental, those who care for and raise children are the important factors. Adults who are near and directly taking care of children need to strictly follow instructions on disease prevention, focus on hygiene of the body, hands and feet, wash hands with soap for at least 30 seconds when going out or before. when in contact with children. Symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath should be reported to the nearest health facility and actively isolated from children and others.

This "tripod" helps children to be safe from diseases and helps stabilize their health until adulthood.


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