" My biggest appreciation to Dr. Xuyen and the team: Dr. Tri anesthesia, Dr. Tien, Van, Ngoc and all my nurses. Thank you for bringing my baby Kate into my life safe and sound, having “Skin-to-skin” contact with her mothers!!! I can’t describe how happy and thankful I am right now.”

Ms. Le Thanh Huyen(Sammy) and family are all smiling at  City International Hospital. 

" My first experience with CIH was back in 2015 and it was great. My husband was allowed to stay in the operating room with me. I remember that day, Dr.Sinh was my anaesthetist, he did such a great job not only in what he’s good at but also encouraging me not to worry too much since that was my first time. Thanks to all the efforts of Dr. Xuyen and a well- trained surgical Team, my first child-Brock was born healthy and happy at a weight of 4.2 kg. My Nursing and midwifery team was very gentle and caring for both me and my baby in my entire stay. I also got a “Nurse call button” in my room and help was just one call away. So anytime I needed help on how to breastfeed or my baby cried at night, my dedicated team was always there with me.

My second baby is Kate who was born just a week ago (May 11, 2018). One AM in the morning I was in pain and about to give birth. So I called Dr. Xuyen my dear doctor and in less than 2 hours later, she showed up in the operation room with me."