At City international Hospital, our pharmacy department is a vital part of the healthcare team. We strive to provide safe, effective, and cost-efficient use of medications to enhance our patients' complete continuity-of-care. Our goal is to provide the highest quality pharmaceutical care possible.

About the pharmacy department 

  • The Pharmacy Department is a service-oriented department, which provides extensive support to the care mission of the hospital. In participating with the hospital's philosophy of putting the needs of patients first & providing the highest quality health care services, the sole purpose of this department is to assure timely quality drug therapy, consistent with optimum patient care.
  • This department involves all disciplines to provide international standards pharmacy services as well as accurate method of medication administration, proper storage, packaging, labelling, distribution, disposition, and record keeping of medication, in compliance with Department and Ministry of Health's regulatory responsibilities as required by the accrediting bodies of the hospital.
  • We use bar-code technology is used throughout the purchasing and restocking process to ensure that the right medication is stocked in the correct location in each medication cabinet or delivered to the correct patient.
  • Technology and innovation are used to aid in safe and effective drug distribution.

City International Hospital Pharmacy Mission Statement

A commitment to continuously improve the medication use process ensuring patient safety and positive health related outcomes, with patients and families at the heart of all we do.

Our pharmacists and technicians

Our Pharmacy is staffed by highly trained registered pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians:

  • Hospital pharmacists work as part of the clinical team. They are responsible for ensuring that correct medicines are prescribed, devising and supervising treatment plans for patients and providing information about medicines to staff and patients.
  • Pharmacy technicians play a vital role working alongside pharmacists. They prepare and dispense medicines under the supervision of a pharmacist, make up sterile medicines and are responsible for stock control and ordering.
  • The Pharmacist and pharmacy technicians endeavor to provide support for the physicians, nurses, and other departments of the hospital in matters regarding medications, and serve as a resource of drug information to those who prescribe, administer and consume medications.

Operation System

The department is divided into several parts:

  • Drug formulation area 

    This is where medicines are prepared in extremely clean conditions. We use a particulate-free clean room for sterile compounding of medications such as chemotherapy drugs, intravenous nutrition replacement, and intravenous solutions.
  • Storage area 

    • Stocks that are stored on shelter systems are ideal for keeping a large amount of diverse pharmaceutical items organized and readily accessible.
    • The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system shall be designed to sustain the specific environment requirement.
    • The relative humidity of not more than 60% shall be provided for items that need protection against moisture at normal storage condition.
  • The Dispensary

This is the part of the Pharmacy department responsible for preparing and giving medicines to our patients under Good Pharmacy Practice standards

  • Information systems 

    • A department as complex as the Pharmacy relies on many computer systems to work efficiently and safely.
    • As well as helping to develop new systems such as Electronic Prescribing, specialist pharmacists and technicians are responsible for managing and supporting all the computer systems in use in the pharmacy including those for dispensing, stock control, production and financial reporting.

Pharmacy services 

The Pharmacy department is responsible for all medicines produced and dispensed to outpatients, day patients and inpatients.

  • Safety First

We track each and every patient individually. Patient safety is fundamental to all that we do. It's what drives us to embrace the latest innovations so we can be sure that we always give the correct drug and the correct dose to every patient. 

  • Pharmacy services to inpatients

    • Maintain a safe, efficient system for dispensing medications
    • Identify, resolve, and prevent drug-related problems such as drug allergies, food - drug interactions, and drug - drug interactions
    • Act as a drug information resource to medical and nursing staff on the selection, dosage, and route of administration of medications
    • Work with the medical team to collaboratively monitor each patient's response to his or her medications
  • The department purchases, prepares, formulates, and manages drugs; prepares infusion solutions and antineoplastic drugs; keeps control of narcotic drugs; and gathers and provides information on drugs.
  • The department is also in charge of the operations of the pharmaceutical affairs committee, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM), administration planning, medication guidance, checks for drugs brought to the hospital by inpatients, and medication guidance upon discharge from the hospital.
  • We take pride in the comprehensive nature of our quality assurance programs and our commitment to continuous performance improvement.
  • The department continually reviews all applicable legislation, regulations and standards of practice. This process helps to assure our programs remain in compliance with international standards of JCI, Vietnam Department and Ministry of Health, Board of Pharmacy, professional society and other regulatory requirements.

For more information about Pharmacy Department at City International Hospital, please contact:

? Address: No.3, 17A street, Binh Tri Dong B Ward, Binh Tan Dictrict (Next to Aeon Mall Binh Tan,) HCM City.

? Hotline: (028) 6280 3333 (ext. 8371 or 8372)

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