Good health is a process which enhances your physical well-being enabling you to engage in Social, Mental, and Spiritual aspects of life. It is a luxury - we guarantee this to all our Clients. City International Hospital is dedicated to offer you  a wide range of General Health Screening Packages, tailor-made to suit the specifically individual needs and to cover all age groups and both the genders, arranged from basic to executive, will detects the hidden ailments and gives you timely warning to get specific treatment to arrest these conditions and avoid future complications.
At City International Hospital, our team of highly qualified and experienced medical professionals aim to provide a complete range of health care to patients of all ages and from all walks of life.


Package Preferential Price (VND)
  City Happy Life 1.340.000
  City Healthy Life 2.800.000
  City Enhanced Screening 3.900.000

  City Premium Life (Man)

  City Premium Life (Lady)



  City Wellness (Man)

  City Wellness (Lady)



  City Longevity (Man)

  City Longevity (Lady)





Patient Preparation

Your health screening shouldn't be stressful. We want you to be as calm and as comfortable as possible. So here's a few things to take note of before your health screening – from start to finish and to also ensure an accurate medical report interpreted by your doctor.

  • Wear a comfortable two-piece outfit consisting of loose clothing.
  • Review your family health history – Take a look at your family history and make a note of any new ailments or diseases that you have been down with since your last health checkup and inform your doctor. Tell your doctor of any heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, or cancer that any of your family members have been affected by.
  • You may bring along your past medical records (up to 3 years ago) and current medications/ vitamin
    supplements to discuss during the medical review.
  • Make a list of the things that you would like to discuss with your doctor.
  • For a fasting blood sugar test, do not eat or drink anything other than water for at least 8 hours before the blood sample is taken.. It is best not to drink alcohol within 24 hours before taking the test.
  • URINE TESTS should be collected after abdominal ultrasonography (if available). Allow the initial stream of urine to pass, and then collect midstream urine into a sterile container.
  • Kidney and Bladder Ultrasound: Your bladder must be as full as possible; therefore, you must drink plenty of fluids but do not empty your
    bladder until the examination is completed.
  • For diabetic medication – do not take on the day of the procedure but bring along your medication (tablet or injection).
  • EYE CHECKUP: As our physical examination requires an eye examination for short sightedness, please bring along your glasses or contact lenses and contact lenses holder.
    Please ensure that you are not menstruating or pregnant when your Pap smear test is being performed.
    (The optimal time for Pap smear test is 2 weeks after your last menses). Please abstain from sexual
    intercourse 24 hours before the procedure. Avoid the use of vaginal creams, lubricant jellies,
    spermicides or vaginal medications and tampon usage 2 days before the test.
  • X-rays or CT for women of reproductive age (menstrual):
  • Not recommended for anyone who is pregnant or suspecting pregnancy.
  • Expecting pregnancy: can be taken if the first 10 days of the menstrual period. If from the 11th day of the cycle: consult a doctor before making a decision.
  • Mammogram: On the day of the appointment, do NOT use talcum powder, deodorant or body lotion on the chest, as these will be reflected on the X-rays. A blouse with a skirt or slacks will be more convenient for you than a dress.
  • For best mammogram results, please schedule your appointment about one week after your last day of menstruation

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