General introduction

City International Hospital - Obstetrics & gynecology department not only specializes in pregnancy and childbirth, but also provides a comprehensive and effective range of diagnosis and treatment on normal or malignant diseases related to female reproductive system.

Along with a team of highly trained doctors with women's health care experiences, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is equipped with modern equipment such as cervical screening, Digital Mammography, 4D ultrasound scans ..., and accurate laboratories for rapid screening, scanning and early detection and treatment on Breast cancer and Cervical Cancer which are the two most prevalent cancer types in women.

Key activities

  1. Screening for Breast Cancer and Diseases

Early detection of breast cancer is an important factor for a successful treatment. Digital mammography is a screening tool used to detect early breast cancer in women experiencing no symptoms.. In addition, we use micropipette aspiration technique for early diagnosis and treatment of Breast Tumors.

  1. Cervical Cancer (Cervix Cancer) - Endometrial cancer screening

Based on the ThinPrep test, cervical screening and biopsy, over 90% that we can help women detect early cervical cancer, so cervical cancer can be prevented and treated effectively. We also provide preventive counseling and cervical cancer vaccines.

  1. Screening and treatment of Diseases in Gynecology

We have adequate facilities to effective diagnosis and therapy for other Women's Issues, such as sexually transmitted infections, hormonal disorders, abnormal bleeding, ovarian cysts and uterus.

  1. Family planning counseling

Providing Services with many options for family planning such as birth control pills, Birth Control Implants, intrauterine device (T-shaped birth control device), early medical abortion (Abortion Pill).

  1. Pre-menopausal health care

Providing counseling services to women in Perimenopause to help reduce the symptoms of discomfort during this period.

  1. Maternity care and Maternity home care program

  • Providing prenatal care packages: Pregnant women will be taken care of starting at the beginning of pregnancy until the stage of labor by experienced physicians performing common tests During Pregnancy which are necessary to help detect any fetus abnormalities for have proper management

  • Parenting classes teach methods, exercises to improve pregnancy and baby care instructions.

  • With safe and painless childbirth techniques, women will be advised on advanced analgesic methods and advised to choose the most appropriate form of birth plan by your healthcare providers. Childbirth at City International Hospital, a husband or a close relative of the woman can be brought into the delivery room with a team of obstetricians and pediatricians with their vast experience in maternity care, a Positive and Profound in Your Childbirth Experience is guaranteed. During the stay, our complete team of specialists in obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesia, pediatrics and mother - baby nursing at your 24/7 service that will care for both of you and guidance to the family before, during and after delivery.

Our doctors

Doctor Image Position 

PhD., Dr. Ta Thi Thanh Thuy


Medical Director

Head of O&G Department

Nguyen Vu My Linh,

Spec.II, MD

Deputy Head of O&G Department

Pham Minh Khoi Nguyen, Spec.II, MD

O&G Doctor

(Full-time doctor)

Tran The Loc, MD., Spec.I

O&G Doctor

(Full-time doctor)

Nguyen Ngan Ha, MD., Spec.I

O&G Doctor

(Part-time doctor)

MD. Msc. Nguyen Xuan Cong


O&G Doctor 

(Full-time doctor/Sonographer)

For appointment or more information& the services provided by OB/GYN Department,  please contact:

  • Ms. Vo Thi My Lien: 0963255134, ext. 8424
  • Ms. Pham Nguyen Tuong Oanh: 0702408719, ext. 8041
  • Operator: 1900 8146, ext. 0

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