This morning - October 21, 2020, City International Hospital gladly welcomed the twins of musician Duong Khac Linh and singer Sarah Luu who were born at the hospital. Representatives of the hospital would like to thank the couple, musician Duong Khac Linh, for choosing to choose the City Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology as a place to welcome new members.

 Posted on his fan page, Duong Khac Linh wrote: "Baby Gia Khang (Mickey) and Gia Khoi (Jerry) said Hello to everyone, October 21, 2020". Many artist friends sent greetings to the couple.

In June 2020, musician Duong Khac Linh and his wife Sara Luu happily announced that they had become parents after a year of marriage. The joy is doubled when Sarah Luu is one of 04 Vietnamese pretty women who are pregnant with twins in 2020.
City International Hospital congratulates the family of musician Duong Khac Linh - Sarah Luu. Wish mom healthy, good baby and grow up quickly
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