According to Dr. Vo Duy Thong, a doctor in the Hepatology and Hepatology Department of City International Hospital, hepatitis B virus is the leading cause of chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, and especially liver cancer. Hepatitis B infection is a global social problem. About one third of the world's population (more than 2 billion people) have a history of hepatitis B virus infection, today there are about 400 million people with chronic hepatitis B virus infection.

Protect your baby by having health screenings before and during pregnancy.

The way the mother is infected with hepatitis B virus

Mother-to-child hepatitis B transmission is the primary route of transmission in the pandemic areas infected with the hepatitis B virus, where the prevalence rate is over 8% of the population. The Western Pacific region (including China, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries) is one of the regions with the highest rates of hepatitis B virus infection in the world and it is also home to the number of infected patients. Most chronic hepatitis B virus. Counseling and prophylaxis to prevent the spread of hepatitis B virus from pregnant women to children is important to reduce the rate of hepatitis B virus infection in the community, while contributing to the creation of healthy, healthy system without infection with the hepatitis B virus

How can a baby born with no hepatitis B virus be born?

You are a mother infected with hepatitis B virus, when you are pregnant, what you are very worried and sometimes do not know how to do - do not know how to do it is "How to give birth to a baby who is not infected with the hepatitis virus B? ”.

Therefore, if you are a woman infected with the hepatitis B virus, you should seek medical care when you are pregnant. Your doctor will order tests for viruses, liver function and other related tests. From specific results, the specialist will advise you:

  • Are you in a high risk group for transmitting hepatitis B virus to children?
  • Or are you in a low-risk group for transmitting hepatitis B virus to your baby? During pregnancy, how should you be monitored according to the route, some possible situations and how to handle them?
  • What month should you start prophylaxis against hepatitis B virus infection in your baby, what drug treatment and how should it be treated?
  • How should your baby be vaccinated against hepatitis B after birth?
  • It is not only the basic information that will help you and your children, but also information you can understand and share with others in the community.

Currently, although there are many problems related to the hepatitis B virus that the current level of Medicine is still unknown, the pathologists of the hepatitis B virus as well as the preparation of drugs to treat hepatitis B have achieved significant success compared to 20 years ago. Therefore, women infected with hepatitis B virus during pregnancy should not be too worried about the side effects of the drug during preventive treatment.

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