A Healthy pregnancy helps the baby to develop comprehensively from the time of embryo formation until the birth of the little angel is something that any pregnant mother will be concerned about. In addition to nutrition, rest, pregnant women should note what? How to ensure your baby has comprehensive care? All concerns and worries of pregnant women will be answered in the online prenatal program "Healthy pregnancy".


Program information

  • Topic: "Maintaining a Healthy Pregnancy."
  • Live stream time: 11:00 on April 16, 2020.
  • Streaming channel: The program will be streamed live on the fanpage of City International Hospital (CIH) (https:/www.facebook.com/BenhVienQuocTeCity/).
  • Feature Speaker: Ms. Tran Thi Kim Xuyen - Head of Obstetrics Department City International Hospital.
  • Any questions, you can send a message or comment directly on the CIH fanpage.
  • Save 10% on your maternity package and checkup from April 16, 2020 to April 18, 2020.

Special offers

  • 10% Discount on maternity package (antenatal package, birth package).
  • VND 2,500,000 Discount on Combo of antenatal care + normal delivery (when purchasing pregnancy checkup package of less than 28 weeks).
  • VND 3,000,000 Discount on Combo of antenatal checkup + cesarean section (when purchasing a pregnancy checkup package for less than 28 weeks).
  • VND Discount 2,000,000 Discount on  Combo of antenatal checkup + normal delivery or surgery (when purchasing pregnancy checkup package for more than 28 weeks).
  • 10% Discount on basic vaccine package for children under 12 months old for customers who have purchased birth packages or CIH birth combos.

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  • Link to receive gift (First Aid Handbook): http://bit.ly/lop-hoc-tien-san.

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