From April 15, 2020 to the end of June 30, 2020, when booking an appointment with Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyen Thi Hung will be immediately reduced 20% of fees for examination of neurological clinic.

Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyen Thi Hung is one of 10 doctors specializing in neuroscience in Vietnam. Doctors specialized in examining and treating diseases such as: 

  • Parkinson disease.
  • Motor disorders, anxiety disorders.
  • Neuropathy
  • Epileptic.
  • Stroke.
  • And many other Neurologic pathology in severe forms.


Parkinson's syndrome is common in the elderly.

 Dr. Nguyen Thi Hung is known as a highly specialized physician dedicated to the profession and has many years of experience in the examination and treatment of neurological specialties. He has many years of training and working at prestigious medical universities in France, USA, Singapore ...

 Associate Professor Nguyen Thi Hung was the first to apply Botulinum toxin technology for motor disorders in 1998 and Parkinson's disease (deep brain stimulation) program in 2012.

 In addition to holding the position of Medical Director at City International Hospital, former Director of Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital, Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Thi Hung also held positions such as: 

  • Commissioner of Asian Neuroscience Association.
  • Member of the American Society of Neurology (AAN).
  • Former Vice President of Ho Chi Minh City Neurological Association.
  • Former General Department of Neurology, Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University
  • President of HCMC Pain Association and Vice Chairman of Vietnam Pain Association.

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Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Thi Hung examines Neurology at Monday and Friday morning from 07:30 - 12:00. Book your appointment with Dr. Hung please visit: 

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Hung - Medical Director and Senior neurologist , City International Hospital 

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