Problems with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, knee pain, and back pain are the most common diseases in the elderly. They are not life-threatening but cause pain that makes the patient uncomfortable, reduce mobility, affect living and quality of life.

According to Dr. Pham Chi Lang, the elderly are at risk of diseases such as osteoarthritis, degenerative knee osteoarthritis, degenerative spine, degenerative cartilage ... As they age, the quality of their bones and articular cartilage is impaired. From there, the ability to absorb calcium into the bones is poor, causing osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis progresses naturally, slowly but does not appear suddenly, manifesting clearly as other diseases, but the problems of osteoporosis are quite dangerous, hindering living and walking. difficulties, affecting the health and spirit of the patient.

Elderly people often suffer from osteoporosis, which affects quality of life

There are many causes of osteoporosis. In which, objective reasons are influenced by age factors. The bone mineral density in the elderly will be significantly reduced. Over time, joint cartilage is worn away, when worn a lot will cause joint pain, making it difficult to walk. The phenomenon of cartilage wear in the knee joint is also known as knee degeneration.

In addition, people who are overweight, obese or young, suffer from joint injuries, birth defects, metabolic and genetic diseases also increase the risk of affecting joints.

In people over the age of 50, if you see frequent symptoms of pain with some symptoms such as spastic joints in the early morning when waking up, or joint pain appears suddenly when the weather changes. If you change, you should think immediately that you may be suffering from joint pain in the elderly.

Diagnosis is usually clinical and radiological, however in an early stage, routine radiographs are not fully detectable, but MRI scans are required to allow early bone lesions. At this stage, it is possible to treat the disease with methods such as physical therapy, use of pain relievers when pain is heavy, restricting heavy labor or exercising many difficult exercises.

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To prevent osteoporosis, back pain, knee pain in the elderly, there should be a light and regular daily routine such as walking, exercising. Restricting heavy and excessive labor In terms of nutrition, calcium supplements should be combined with a complete and scientific diet. If there are doubts about the joint need to see a doctor immediately for a full consultation.

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