Osteoporosis and degenerative joint rejuvenation, causing bone and joint damage difficult to recover.

According to Dr. Pham Chi Lang, Head of Trauma and Orthopedics Department of Ho Chi Minh City International Hospital, currently, bone and joint diseases are no longer a problem for the elderly but appear at all ages. Women often experience osteoporosis earlier than men, especially aged 50 and older. Dr. Lang has treated many 20-30 year old patients who have had osteoporosis, and those who are overweight also suffer from more knee joint diseases such as arthritis, degenerative joint disease ...

Patients with osteoporosis have low bone density, brittle bones, poor resilience, and easy to heal fractures when accidents are caused. Degenerative joint disease also causes irreversible damage, leaving many serious sequelae affecting health and daily life. Typical symptoms of degenerative joint disease are joint pain, stiffness, swelling, weakening muscles, difficulty moving, deformed joints or making a noise when moving.

Loãng xương, thoái hóa khớp không còn là 'bệnh của người già'

Dr. Lang recommends that everyone proactively prevent osteoarthritis, limit the risk of osteoporosis with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Specifically, every day should drink a glass of milk with low-calorie foods such as green vegetables and fruits to increase calcium content that is both good for the bones and prevents overweight affecting the endurance of bones and joints.

Physical activity is also needed to keep bones and joints healthy. However, Dr. Lang recommends that patients and the elderly avoid vigorous exercise. Instead, engage in athletic activities that are fit for your fitness and age like walking, cycling, or gymnastics. During work and daily activities to avoid positions harmful to bones, joints and spine. The habit of drinking beer, alcohol and smoking is also harmful to bones and joints, so it should be avoided.

Doctors recommend that people see any mild to severe symptoms of osteoarthritis, such as swelling of the joints during exercise or after waking up, sitting for too long, hearing strange sounds. out from the joints when moving but there is no pain phenomenon ... should see a specialist immediately. Because that can be the early signs of diseases of the bones and joints.

Patients using drugs for osteoarthritis need to have a specific and detailed course prescribed by the doctor, should not buy drugs on their own. Usually, pain relievers and swelling relievers have the side effect of causing stomach pain if taken for a long time. Doctors advise patients if there is stomach pain to notify the treating doctor immediately to change treatment methods more suitable.

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