According to the Ministry of Health's Decision No. 345 / QD-BYT of February 7, 2020, people without symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath) and having one of the following factors are needed. must be isolated at home and place of residence.

The Minstry of Health (Moh) has issued English guidelines as a propaganda measure against the novel coronavirus, in a bid to provide timely, accurate information, recommendations and guidance to those self-isolating at their accommodations, being medically treated or under centralized isolation. 

In collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of National Defence, the MoH has issued this propaganda guidance on its different communication platforms, as well as to provincial and municipal Diseases Control and Preventive centers.

The notification applies for family members, workers, and managers who are looking to self-isolate at their accommodation as a means of containing the epidemic. (Photo: MoH)

Self-isolated individuals at home/ place of residence are recommended to strictly comply with personal hygiene rules, refrain from mutual usage with family members, immediately notify medical institutions if displays COVID-19 symptoms (Photo: MoH)

People who are under centralized isolation must follow this guidance (Photo: MoH)


The Ministry also urges all Vietnamese nationals, expats, and foreigners in Vietnam to actively take preventive measure to protect themselves and their communities from contracting the resparatory disease (Photo: MoH)

Both fabric and medical face masks, if worn properly, prove effective preventive measure against the novel coronavirus. As of March 16, wearing face masks in public places, especially at mass-gathering is declared a must for all Vietnamese citizens and foreigners. (Photo: MoH)

Hand washing with soap and running water must last for at least 30 seconds. If soap is not available, alcohol-based sanitizer is advisable. (Photo: MoH)

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