Gastrointestinal cancer is one of the most common cancers in Vietnam as well as in the world. In Vietnam, in 2018, there were more than 17,000 new cases and more than 15,000 deaths due to the disease. The implementation of screening and prophylactic treatment has brought positive results because if it is detected at an early stage, it is still capable of successful treatment.

Understanding the importance of screening and screening for gastrointestinal diseases, City International Hospital designs new packages of stomach and colon cancer screening with suitable criteria, saving desired customers. screening and early detection of diseases of the stomach and rectum.

Package includes Stomach (Gastric) Cancer Screening

 Colon Cancer Screening

Stomach & Colom Cancer Screening

Initial specialist consultation - Gastroenterology

x x x
Complete blood count (CBC) x x x
Gastroscopy under sedation x    
Colonoscopy under sedation   x  
Gastroscopy + Colonoscopy under sedation     x
FOB (Faecal Occult Blood), rapid test   x x
Package Price (VND) 3,770,000  4,980,000  6,580,000 

Notice : Prices of surgical biopsy are excluded.

City International Hospital - A reliable address for stomach cancer screening

Endoscopy Department City International Hospital is fully equipped with facilities and equipment to allow endoscopy to diagnose and treat under sedation safely, helping patients no longer fear of endoscopy.

The endoscopy unit is also designed according to international standards, helping patients avoid dangerous pathogens transmitted through endoscopes, exposure to toxic disinfectants, as well as ensuring patients. be private, comfortable and safe for the colonoscopy.

Modern High definition endoscopy system helps accurately detect digestive tract diseases.

With Modern High definition endoscopy system, international standard testing department, a team of highly specialized and experienced doctors, City International Hospital is a reliable address for people in medical examination and treatment. control stomach cancer and many other digestive diseases.

After detecting early stomach cancer, the outcome of treatment depends on many factors, of which early diagnosis is the most important. If diagnosed early when the damage has not invaded the muscle layer of the stomach wall, the survival time after 5 years is from 80 - 90%, if the diagnosis is late when the damage has passed through the muscle layer and spread. serosa, the postoperative survival time over 5 years is only about 10-15%.

In addition to treatment prescribed by the doctor, we need to build a healthy lifestyle, living, and a scientific diet to limit the progression of stomach cancer.

City International Hospital offers Flat 30% Discount on the Cost of an GI Endoscopy Afternoon Procedure. Effective 10 October to 31 December, 2020. 

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