Sweet foods are everyone's favorite. In fact, there are a lot of delicious sweet dishes from the form to the palate. Therefore, sweet food became a follower of many people, from children, adults to the elderly. But how much is enough to eat and if you consume too much sweets will affect health?

Dr. Nguyen Bao Xuan Thanh, specialist level I, General Surgery, City International Hospital, said that if you use sweets in moderation and the amount of sugar tolerated in the body at the allowed level, it is very beneficial to health. For example, when you are hungry, tired, drinking a glass of milk, or eating sweets will create positive energy, helping users feel refreshed to work. But consuming too much sugar in the long term will adversely affect overall health. Eating sweet stimulates the brain to activate the body for a short time, but in the long run the demand for sugar tolerance will increase (also known as oily medicine).

As recommended, each person should only eat 20 grams of sugar / day. Sugar after being absorbed into the body will be broken down and produce energy in the body. To fully metabolize the sugar, the body needs to consume very large amounts of vitamnin B, which causes the amount of vitamin B in the body to be severely depleted leading to neuritis, which causes leg edema. Moreover, the human body produces a hormone called insulin, which lowers blood sugar. When eating too much sweets, cells in the body become insulin resistant, which requires the pancreas to produce more insulin. Over time, the pancreas becomes overloaded and unable to secrete enough insulin, leading to diabetes.

Dr. Thanh added, the use of sugar is not good for children. The immediate damage is making children tooth decay. With adults using too much sweets will lead to overweight, skin aging or risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart ... especially eating sweet can be addictive, due to the sweetness In foods such as ice cream, cakes ... there is 3 times more sugar than normal.

Therefore, the use of roads should be moderate, correct and sufficient. Balancing nutrition, replacing sweeteners from sugar with natural sweeteners from fruits to stay healthy, preventing diseases caused by eating too much sweets as Dr. Thanh shared above.

From May 2, 2020 to May 30, 2020, City International Hospital is implementing the program Free of charge for Digestive examination with Dr. Nguyen Bao Xuan Thanh, specialist level I, General Surgery, Department City International Hospital More information you can refer to below.


No cost gastrointestinal consultation with Dr. Nguyen Bao Xuan Thanh, specialist level I, Gastroenterology & General Surgery, City International Hospital.

- Promotional duration: May 2, 2020 - May 30, 2020.

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