In a time of global pandemic, employees need to pay special attention to their health to first protect themselves and avoid the risk of infecting their colleagues and those around them.

Here are general rules for office workers to keep in mind to ensure good health.

Proper mask wearing 

Having to interact with colleagues, partners, customers in a crowded building, the equipment mask is the first thing to do. Wearing a mask helps protect yourself and help colleagues feel more secure, avoiding the risk of infection when coughing, sneezing - ensuring safety especially in places with tight spaces such as in elevators, rooms. meeting, restroom ...

Wearing a mask is essential when working in a crowded air-conditioned office.

Antibacterial dry hand wash

Each office should be equipped with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer spray. In addition, when going out, it is also necessary to equip compact quick hand washing bottles in the basket to use when needed. Besides, it is necessary to equip an antibacterial salt water bottle to sniff the nose and throat when necessary. 

Keep the desk clean

Office workers should maintain a clean working environment, especially personal desks. Regularly clean your desk, clean items that can make you infected, such as keyboards and computer mice ... Absolutely do not put rubbish, especially food on the desk because you know where it will be. bacterial residence. 

Strengthen the body's resistance

Stress at work as well as inactivity or meals will weaken the immune system function and increase the risk of disease outbreaks for the workplace. Besides coffee, drink natural juices from 1 to 2 glasses a day to enhance the resistance. Juices that contain lots of vitamin C such as: Orange, lemon, grapefruit ... 

Exercise 15 - 20 minutes daily

Spend less time practicing to keep your body healthy. Take advantage of the break time at noon to practice the basic movements to increase flexibility, flexibility and prevent common office problems such as carpal tunnel disease, spinal degeneration neck, back and herniated disc disease ...

 Most office workers often perform very well the first 4 steps but often skip the 5th step as practice. While exercise is a "stronghold" to protect your health from all attacks from external agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites ... A healthy immune system helps the body reduce the risk of getting The disease will also be mild and recover faster.

Taking 15 - 20 minutes between hours to exercise helps maintain flexibility and flexibility.

Periodic health examination

Experts still recommend that you do not let the body speak up to screen health or examination because the disease has progressed. Take time to check-up periodically every year to be assured if you are in good health and promptly treat if there is a medical condition. If you are seeking for a comprehensive general medical examination and advice about general and specialized services, please call (028) 6280 3333 (extension 8424 - 8402) or email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Hopefully, with these basic but practical information, you will have your own methods to protect your health, proactively prevent epidemics in an optimistic and hopeful position about tomorrow. Peaceful, bright to continue to receive new achievements ahead.

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