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Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at City International Hospital  is fully equipped with high–tech and modern surveillance equipment; along with an experienced team of doctors and nurses trained to recognize and immediately respond to patients’ need. Located on the third floor, where care for each patient is specifically tailored and our well-trained nurses can make a meaningful difference to your recovery and well-being.

Modern equipment, international standard at ICU Department of Intensive Care, City International Hospital.

The Faculty has a separate disease prevention system, a spacious prevention system, which is designed according to the principles of medical project design principles of the American Institute of Architecture and the world. The Faculty has a system of isolator for negative pressure, strictly adheres to infection control policies, minimizes hospital infections.

Especially, ICU Department of City International Hospital provides full-service care for patients with a team of professional nurses and nurses. Patients treated at the ICU department in addition to routine medical care will be provided with an appropriate oral or inhalation diet under the supervision of a dietitian. Patients receive regular personal hygiene care as the basic foundation for infection prevention. Relatives of the patient will not need to stay in the hospital to take care of the patient, completely rest assured to send the patient to the medical team of the hospital with 5-star care services during the procedure. medical treatment.

Daily exercise of physical and respiratory therapy helps the patient fully recover all functions after a period of treatment at the Intensive Care Department. Prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers are particular focus criteria for patients with paralysis or long-term mechanical ventilation at ICU.

The treating doctor meets with the patient's relative every day according to the prescribed program to answer all questions for them and carefully explain the progress and prognosis of the disease.

Patients treated in the department will be fully entitled to health insurance regimes: state insurance, private insurance, and foreign insurance. Patients are always consulted with care and maximum support from a team of insurance specialists and customer care to optimize the insurance benefits for patients. The medical department always ensures to provide medical information and is regularly updated at the request of the insurance company.

The Department of Intensive Care of City International Hospital always cooperates well with major hospitals throughout the city, giving in-depth consultation when needed for difficult diseases to ensure patients fully enjoy the results of medical care. modern school. Full medical records are always provided for those patients who require referrals or continue treatment abroad.

With a high sense of responsibility, professionalism and dedication of the medical staff and modern technical facilities at ICU Faculty, each family is completely assured of giving trust in care and treatment for your loved ones.

Our doctors

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Nguyen Van Nhom, MD, MS

Acting Head of Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
 Nguyen Phuoc Loc, MD MMed Intensivist

City International Hospital

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