Many people with back pain, leg pain who think whether they're standing, sitting, or moving for so long in bad positions or they have a disc herniation or degeneration without knowing that this could be a disease caused by spinal cord tumors. This very dangerous disease can compress the spinal cord, causing paralysis and death.

The most common symptom of myeloma is neck pain or back pain depending on the location of the tumor. The pain usually occurs at night, when the patient is resting and the pain is greater when the patient is active

Figure. Spinal core tumor 

Most commonly confused with a disc herniation

Many patients with symptoms of lumbar spinal pain, numbness of the legs, difficulty walking have mistaken for the pathology of the musculoskeletal system as normal and only medical treatment to prevent the disease from getting better. After that, when seeing a gradual numbness from the crest to the finger, tight, difficult to move and unable to walk, he suddenly found a breast myeloma located in the canal.

There are also young cases when seeing signs such as subjective limb numbness as "office disease" due to too much sitting, young age should only massage, acupressure. The disease does not get better but is getting worse and has difficulty walking At this time, many patients still subjectively believe that they have a herniated disc, but when carefully examined, the result is spinal tumors.

These are common manifestations of myeloma that many patients easily mistake for disc herniation.

A careful exam is necessary for disease detection and diagnosis

The cause of pain in myeloma is easy to confuse with nerve root pain due to other causes such as polyneuritis; enlarged hip neuritis caused by disc herniation or tuberculosis, by degenerative spinal cord; intercostal neuritis ... Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly examine the clinical and properly diagnose to find out the disease.

In fact, many cases are misdiagnosed because the manifestations of both diseases are pain, spasticity of muscles and compression of nerve roots. The only identifiable sign to distinguish it is a symptom of movement disorder and a failure to respond to conventional medical treatment.

The first sign cannot be ignored

Most endothelial tumors have a rather discreet onset and slow progression that is easily ignored in the early stages. Since most benign tumors in the spinal canal grow slowly at an early stage, this time usually lasts quite a long time, sometimes up to several years or longer. The clinical symptoms of spinal tumors include pain and nerve dysfunction such as sensory disturbances, movement, sphincter (causing difficulty urinating, constipation), muscle spasms, and muscle atrophy. and respiratory disorders ...

Doctors of Neurology - Spine said, myeloma located inside the spinal canal when compressing the marrow will reduce the function and seriously threaten the mobility of the patient. Myeloma can form in any component of the structure of the spinal cord and spine: the cervical, chest or lumbar spine ... It can be a primary tumor, which forms and develops in itself. a site in the spinal cord, spinal cord or due to metastasis from other places such as breast cancer, lung cancer ...

Cervical spinal cord tumors can cause weakness in the arms or more seriously, paralyzing the arms and legs. Lumbar and thoracic spinal tumors can cause weakness, numbness, loss of sensation in the limbs or chest area ...

Surgical treatment of myeloma through the microscope has been applied in specialized facilities with good results. Because the tumor has a low level of malignancy, if diagnosed early and operated promptly, the patient's clinical condition will stop after surgery like the level before surgery or better (more than 80%), the risk of recurrence little and life time almost normal people.

Numbness and tingling sensations in different parts of the arms and legs should also be noticed 

Neurology doctors warn: pain and movement disturbances or sensory disturbances such as numbness, weakness in limbs are the first signs of the disease, but people often ignore it when it is mild, until pain is severe or numb. not being able to mobilize people to go to the clinic, the disease is in a late stage and difficult to recover.

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