The rate of smokers, overweight and obese people at risk of vascular disease is very high. However, the proportion of patients who come for examination and early detection of disease is still very low. Therefore, doctors of Vascular Department of City International Hospital recommend that if you want to save money and treat effectively, you should screen and examine immediately when there is signs of vascular disease.

Research shows that smokers and overweight doubles the risk of vascular disease such as arterial disease, varicose veins. The incidence of vascular disease in the world is very common and is increasing, particularly in artery-related diseases, an average rate of increase of 10% / year. The disease causes atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, even death.

  • Peripheral vascular disease

Peripheral artery disease: This disease occurs when plaque builds up in arteries that supply blood to your arms or legs (limbs). It can cause numbness, pain and infection in the affected limb. Severe infections may require amputation.

  • Neuropathy

Type 2 diabetes can cause nerve damage throughout the body when blood sugar and blood pressure are too high. This leads to digestive problems, erectile dysfunction and many other functions. The areas most affected are the limbs, especially the feet due to the structure of vascular anatomy and the posture of people is different than other organs.

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  • Varicose veins

Doctors Department of Vascular Medicine City International Hospital warns, there are many patients come to see varicose veins when the disease has advanced stage. Through examination and medical history, patients easily ignore symptoms such as numbness of the feet, leg pain, tendon floating. The patient thinks that it may be the disease of old age. However, through inspection and venous doppler ultrasound, limb varicose veins were detected.

Thereby, the vascular doctor advises:

  • The early stage of illness: we have to change our lifestyles, eating, exercising, exercising, cycling, running.
  • The period when the veins dilate 1-2 cups, we use fibrous stings or foam loops to clog the small veins.

When varicose veins are at a high level, we also have many methods:

The first is an open surgical procedure, which removes all dilated veins.

The second is that varicose veins have many ways:

  • Switched by laser energy wave.
  • High frequency wave energy.
  • Drug clogging (medication that clogs the vein walls of the varicose veins).
  • Blocking but preserving varicose veins is the CHIVA method (Europe, France, Germany is common). They apply a lot. They cut backflow from shallow veins to deep veins.
  • These retain large varicose veins.
  • The purpose is that in cases where cardiac surgery is needed, superficial veins are valuable to be removed so that the veins can be used as a transplanted artery for a patient.

Examination and treatment of vascular pathology with assessible cost

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