General introduction

Anesthesiology is an essential part of modern medicine in surgical treatment. Recent advances in Anesthesiology have helped make complex surgeries safer and more effective. Anesthesiologist is indispensable in all surgeries, as well as in some other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as gastrointestinal endoscopy, or epidural anesthesia that helps in painless delivery. obstetric. New techniques in regional anesthesia and pain control are playing an important role in improving the quality of life for our patients.

Experienced Anesthesiologists at City International Hospital, who  have been carefully trained in many world leading hospitals, are highly skilled medical doctors specializing in perioperative care and pain management.


Keynote activities

  1. Preoperative evaluation and preparation for anesthesia and surgery.
  2. For optimum results, each Anesthesiologist specializes in one specific field of anesthesiology such as anesthesia for cardiac surgery, anesthesia for brain surgery, Anaesthesia for non-obstetric surgery during pregnancy, Anesthesia for Pediatric Surgery and  Elderly.
  3. Restoration.
  4. Treatment of acute and chronic pain.
  5. Painless Endoscopic analgesia: Intravenous Anesthesia.
  6. No pain: epidural anesthesia or spinal anesthesia.
  7. Sedation or anesthesia for children requiring MRI, CT or DSA.

Our doctors

Doctor name Photo Title

Dao Thi My Van, MD, MMed


Deputy Medical Director & Head of A&E/Anesthesia/ICU Session

Lục Chanh Tri, MD, MMed


Head of Anesthesia & Operating Theater (OT)


Uong Tuyet Nhung, I, MD


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