To help raise public awareness of colorectal cancer, at City International Hospital we’re putting together a program called "Colorectal Cancer Screening Seminar" and providing 2,000 at-home Colon Cancer Screening Kits, free and available at City International Hospital.

City International Hospital is in an effort to increase awareness regarding the importance of early detection and prevention of the disease.

  • Time: 8:30 a.m. Saturday, June 9th 2018.
  • Location: City International Hospital (No. 3, 17A Street, Ward Binh Tri Dong B, Binh Tan District)

“Colorectal cancer – cancer of the colon or rectum – is one of the most common cancers that affects both men and women in Vietnam as well as the world," said Dr. Nguyen Phuoc Lam, Head of Endoscopy and Quality Assurance Deputy Director at International Hospital. However, it is preventable and highly curable by early detection of growths (polyps) that might eventually become cancer and treating it at an early stage, before it has spread. Even if the cancer has spread, it still can be cured when detected early and treated promptly."

Special offers:

  • 2,000 Free Colon Cancer Screening Kit Give away (find hidden blood in the stool for later stool sample screening.)
  • Free Specialty Examination in Gastroenterology
  • 30% discount on endoscopy or 20% on CT Virtual Colonoscopy.
  • Tea break
  • More preferable offers and take-home gifts.

How to apply

  • Register online at the link below https://bit.ly/2rX4bSc
  • Email directly to our Inbox at City International Hospital fan page
  • Call to register at: 0939.721.668


No. 3, Street 17A, Binh Tri Dong B Ward, Binh Tan Dist., HCMC

Phone: (848) 6280 3333 - Fax: (848) 6290 8800

Email: info.cih@cih.com.vn Email for appointment: booking@cih.com.vn

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