Measles outbreak & significant threat to pregnant women
Wednesday 16 January 2019
Measles is dangerous to the health of both mothers and their unborn children. Pregnant women who contract measles are at risk for more severe complications of the illness, as well as at increased risk for preterm labor and preterm delivery,...
Monday 14 January 2019
Habitual Mistakes Women Make During Pregnancy
News by Vnexpress - if you are wondering what to avoid during pregnancy to...
Wednesday 7 November 2018
Postpartum Depression Prenatal Class with Special Offers on November 11.
Postpartum Depression can affect women in different ways. It can start at any...
Friday 26 October 2018
Modern day miracle for baby born with congenital “webbed” fingers and toes
A complex syndactyly surgery was successfully performed at City International...
Epigastric pain 'possible cancer sign' warning
Saturday 12 January 2019
Vinh Long television channel | It is vital to ensure the patient is hemodynamically stable, says A/Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tan Cuong
Friday 11 January 2019
Beers have come in handy in saving a victim’s live
Strange, but as it turns out, they are fighting fire with fire. So just what is...
Thursday 10 January 2019
Vietnam comes in at the world’s highest incidence rate of liver cancer
News by Vnexpress | For every 100,000 Vietnamese people, 23.2 have liver...
Wednesday 9 January 2019
Ultimate guide to a healthy pregnancy
If you need information to make good decisions for a healthy baby and a healthy...
Good news for patients with painful spondylolisthesis
Friday 18 January 2019
N.T.N.S 66-year-old female suffering serious spondylolisthesis associated low back pain, successfully underwent fusion surgery performed by Dr. Huynh Hong Chau, Neuro-surgeon using spinal navigation and advances in spine imaging combined.
Wednesday 19 December 2018
Cold weather can trigger a stroke and how to prevent it?
Cold weather can increase the risk of stroke by up to 30 per cent, a new study...
Tuesday 11 December 2018
Strokes, a significant health burden on emergency services
Dec.11.2018 | ‘Time is brain’ in stroke treatment, every minute of delay...
Monday 5 November 2018
How CIH’s surgeons saved a lawyer that had a postoperative acute myocardial infarction after laminectomy
A coronary intervention was performed after a 6 hour Semi-urgent Laminectomy...
New Year's Day Announcement
Saturday 5 January 2019
Dec.28, 2018 | Wish you and your family a healthy, happy and successful new year. However our 24 hours A&E Department will remain open for continuous service and critical situations.
Monday 10 December 2018
CIH's Vaccines Supply Availability (Dec.3 - 9)
CIH's Table of Vaccines Supply Availability for the week of Dec.3-9...
Monday 3 December 2018
CIH's Vaccines Supply Availability (November 19 - 25)
Recently, the demand for vaccination has been increasing due to Vaccine Supply...
Saturday 17 November 2018
Vaccine Availability (November 12 - 18)
Recently, the demand for vaccination has been increasing due to Vaccine Supply...